My Grandmother Weaves Everything Into A Song

by Abdulwasiu Ishola Ayodele

absulwasiu ishola ayodele

My Grandmother Weaves Everything into a Song

Ishola’s My Grandmother Weaves Everything into a Song is an interaction with his beloved grandmother. But still, it speaks to us all, because we’re not new to loss. Ishola, through this collection, urges us to reconcile with our loss by considering new perspectives. It is only when we see our loss from new perspectives will new dawns open to us. Ishola invites us into these perspectives by employing music, local chants, resonant images, and poignant narratives. He reminds us that we do not really lose people in the real sense, because people are always moving in circles. Life is this: a circle, endless; the end intertwined with the beginning, which is again woven into the end.




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